Saturday, 29 October 2011

Princess & the Frog

The good old fairytale that every girl must kiss a few frogs to find her Prince, not too far from reality as most of us girls will know; but how could anyone resist the charm of Naveen in his frog form, charasmatic and full of charm he oozes personality, so when I was commissioned to make a Princess and the frog cake I was really excited about the possibilities.

I originally thought of having Tiana sitting on the top tier of the cake with her gown cascading over it, with Naveen standing on the bottom tier staring up at Tiana, but after trolling through material to get inspiration I came across the Official Poster Scene of Tiana sitting in the Bayou with Naveen in her hands. I then started to make Tiana out of modelling chocolate, this medium is excellent for moulding as it never completely 'dries out' so it allows time to add features to make the character come to life. Now turning a 2D cartoon character into a 3D model is a little harder than first expected as the face has to look in proportion from all angles not just the front as a cartoon is seen. SO I began...

The start of Tiana

After Tiana was finished, the baking commenced (and a lot of eating of the off cuts of Vanilla sponge... Yum). Next was the colour choices, I adored the deep dark colouring of the poster, but for a 4 year olds cake it couldn't be too dark and dramatic, we all know girls love a bit of pink and purple! I decided to cover the top tier in a deep midnight Teal colouring but lightened it by having paler green foliage cascading down the tier. The bottom tier was going to originally be pale green with a purple bow wrapped around it, but as the idea of the cake was to be set outside I felt the flowers would work better and still add the feminine touch.

So here it is finished! Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Disney Designs!

Hello to everyone reading this!
I have decided to join the world of Blogging! (and am quite excited about it).

So whats in store... Well the time has come for me to unvail the start of a few projects for an upcoming exhibition! Disney is Epic, every child has a favorite Dinsey film or character, so this seems like the perfect theme to run with for our new range of Children's cake designs.
So... Here are are a few sneek peek pictures of the start of the Disneymania to follow...