Monday, 14 November 2011

Whimsical Wonderland

In the run up to the BabyExpo, I was originally going to make a three tier Beauty and the Beast cake, something dramatic offer a little 'wow' factor, but about 7 days before the show after watching Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland with my beautiful daughter I was made to change my mind. How could I resist my 3 years old saying please mummy make Mad Hatter and pretty princess Alice... her big blue eyes staring up at me... well that was the start of it. Now I was quite nervous in starting this one, not only were the characters played by real people and not 2D cartoons, they were also quite complex with they attire they wore.

So I decided to just to jump in and start, no going back now otherwise I would have the wrath of my daughter to contend with! I started with The Mad Hatter, he was actually really fun to make, the make-up was very dramatic and small touches such as his bow tie made the world of difference to the overall look of him.

Once I had conquered The Hatter it was time to start with Alice. NOW Alice was going to be harder, there was no funky make up to help her look more like, well her. She had gorgeous golden ringlets and a natural flawless skin tone.

So I began, the same way I start the majority of my characters, head first. I always use cocoform for the majority of my characters, as mentioned before it is a fantastic medium to use for fine detailing.

As you can see the start is a bit um, scary looking but as always after a bit more work you can start to see the results.

After modelling her body shape I then had to dress her, 3 layers of clothing later her dress was almost finished.

Now I had to add her arms before I could place the last part of her dress on her and start to add her hair.

And after all of that work she was finally finished.

After seeing the Mad Hatter and Alice together, although they looked great there was something missing, on a three tier cake there needed to add another character, originally it was going to be the rabbit, but there was something mysterious about Absolute, along with his deep blue colouring, I thought he was the perfect addition to add a little drama to the cake. He was made completely out of pale blue cocoform and given dimension using various dusts and colours. I am really pleased with the overall cake and now just want someone to commission me to do something even larger with all of the characters.... any takers?

BabyExpo Boom

Well I have just about re-couped from the busy weekend of the BabyExpo Brighton and am ready to add another post to the Blog.

BabyExpo Brighton was a huge success! We received a great response from the visitors and loads of fantastic comments and remarks, even had some comparing us to 'Ace of Cakes' and ahem 'Cake Boss'.. well they were very lovely things to hear as I am an avid watcher of both programmes!

The main attraction was our Alice in Wonderland cake (Tim Burton's Version) and our little Gruffalo cake, I don't think any parent can resist the tale of the deep dark woods. I do have to admit though, the main thing that made me smile on the day was seeing the children's faces drop with amazement and ask over and over again if they were really cakes (and beg their parents to buy them one)... Please parents do buy :-)

A huge thanks to the organizers, the visitors and of course the other exhibitors who made the day a great success. We got to meet lots of great companies, the one and only Mister Maker and the gorgeous Patsy Palmer.

Here are a few images of our exhibition cakes,

Hope you like!