Sunday, 3 June 2012

Wonderland Party!

Yesterday was a huge success, all of the 24 children had a fantastic time and the entertainers were beyond superb. Magical Quests are a company offering drama filled parties which allow any theme to be portrayed with full costumes and fabulous acting. The children believed they had stepped into Wonderland for the day. They met Alice, the Cheshire cat, the Mad Hatter, The Queen of hearts and the white rabbit on their voyage, playing plenty of games and doing lots of dancing the children could not have been more thrilled.

Here are a few pictures of the day! - I hope you enjoy

The Cast at Magical Quests Ltd
The Tea Party table
Handmade Decorations
Tea Party Bunting
Cute glasses with paper straws and tags
Handmade Cheshire cat who sat in our Apple tree
A couple of the butterflies we had scattered throughout the garden
Handmade 5ft tall guard
Last but not least, the cake!